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If you are interested in working with my team on any of these projects or have an idea up my alley or you just want to work with my team (I have plenty of exciting ideas not mentioned here ;)  - don't hesitate to reach out!!!

Topic Opening Up in Summer:
Crop Production and Phytoremediation in the Future

I have acquired funding from the Helmholtz Association for 2 PhD students, 1 Postdoc and 1 lab technician and will start looking for excellent people in early summer.

Looking for (bio)geochemists, microbial ecologist, geoecologists, environmental scientists ...

Please contact me if you are interested in working on this project in any form. 

Current Hot Topic:
Coupled Climate and Soil Contaminant Impacts on Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Currently ongoing projects at Stanford University and the University of Tuebingen.

Please contact me if you are interested in working on this project in form of an internship or a thesis. 
Coupled Climate and Elevated Soil Arsenic Impacts on Rice Production

  • And many follow up studies to be published - stay tuned!!!
  • I'm also looking for master students interested in being involved in this multidisciplinary study.
  • Funded by the Marie S. Curie Program of the EU (project acronym RACe) and the German Research Foundation DFG

Microbially-Assisted Phytoremediation

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Metal-Contaminant Mobility during Iron Redox Cycling

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Plant Molecular Response to Contaminants