Public Outreach is a crucial part of my research

I immensely enjoy talking to school classes, clubs and societies about the work I do and how it links to their every day life. If you are interested in a general audience or popular science talk about my work, don't hesitate to contact me.

Here are some examples of my public outreach endeavors:

  • General audience presentation to the Leibniz Kolleg at the University of Tuebingen, 2020
  • American and German press release on the combined impact of climate change and soil arsenic on rice production, 2019; followed by interviews and newspaper reports (FAZ, Schwäbisches Tagblatt, Landeszeitung Lüneburg)
  • German Southwest Radio (SWR) interview on the combined impact of climate change and soil arsenic on rice production, 2019
  • General audience presentations to the Jenny Marx Forum, Salzwedel, to the Rotary Club, Braunschweig, and to grades 10-12 in Jahn High School, Salzwedel, Germany: Essen Sie gern Reis? - Die Zukunft des wichtigesten Nahrungsmittels der Welt (Do you like to eat rice? - The future of the most important food in the world), 2018
  • Presentation at the International Food Policy Research Institute, 2018
  • German TV documentary: “Arsen – der schleichende Tod”, 2016, synchronized into English, 2017
  • BUNDjugend report on phytoremediation of cadmium-contaminated soils, 2016
  • Report in a German magazine (Chrismon) on PhD thesis, 2014
  • TV report in the German Southwest Radio (SWR) on PhD thesis, 2014
  • German press release on the microbial remediation of cadmium-contaminated soils, 2013

Popular Science Publications
  1. E. M. Muehe, A. Kappler; invited by BIOspektrum 2016; 20(3), 316-318; Biogene Eisenminerale kontrollieren das Umweltverhalten toxischer Metalle. (Biogenic Iron minerals control the environmental fate of toxic metals).