Marie is currently a Marie Skłodowska Curie Fellow at Stanford University, USA, and the University of Tübingen, Germany. Her research focuses on biogeochemical processes happening in the rhizospheres of crops and phytoremediating plants when stressed with metallic contaminations of agricultural soils and a changing climate. She then translates these observed changes in rhizosphere biogeochemistry to  plant productivity and quality. Her hope is to contribute to advancing sustainable agriculture, which is key to the global challenge of future food security.


  October 2017

Start of greenhouse gas emissions from rice paddies experiment with Alandra
        This is a revised experimental set-up and tackles the question how elevated soil arsenic affects
        greenhouse gas emissions from rice paddies exposed to different climates.
  September 2017


Teaching grad student Tianmei to take over the greenhouse in a few months.
  September 2017

Trip to Germany with many fruitful meetings in Bayreuth and Tübingen
  August 2017

Goldschmidt 2017 Conference in Paris, France
1. Climate Change Coupled with Elevated Soil Arsenic Will Decrease Rice Productivity and Grain Quality
2. Diminished Greenhouse Gas Emmissions from Flooded Rice Paddies Under Projected Future Climates
Session co-chair: Biogeochemical Processes Under Dynamic Redox Conditions in Soils and Sediments - Controls and Feedbacks
  August 2017

Participation in MBL summer workshop:
Strategies and Techniques for Analyzing Microbial Population Structure (STAMPS)
in Woods Hole.

  July 2017

Harvesting of Californian rice experiment
  June 2017

First Californian rice rhizotron experiment started
Key question:
How do rhizosphere biogeochemical processes change with climate change and elevated soil arsenic?
  June - August 2017
Three great students will work on the rice project this summer
  May 2017
Greenhouse gas emission from rice paddy experiment started with Alandra
Key question:
How do greenhouse gas emissions from paddy soils change when exposed to climate change and elevated soil arsenic?
  March 2017
Californian rice experiment started
Key question:
How do rice productivity and quality change when rice is exposed to climate change and elevated soil arsenic?
  February 2017

Getting the greenhouse ready for another round of experiments